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Oregon XA Getaway

Oregon friends— our year-end XA staff retreat is coming up!

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What?   Getaway is less about business, more about relational support-building. We see this as an essential time to strengthen cross-campus connections, and to pause from our ministry. This year we will explore a bit of the Portland culture around the "1748 House" of Vic & Kathy Varis. We will also have an important time of affirmation.

Who?   The invitation is to all affiliated XA staff, and to any & all spouses who can make it. It's a new tradition, so I want to make it work for as many as possible. Need a carpool? financial help, etc? Just ask.

Housing?   Give me a call about your housing. I aim to find or provide hosts. (And if you have some options, let me know!)

Cost?   Less than $50. Mainly for the food. Details TBA.

Arrive: Sun June 9 @ 3 pm
Depart: Mon June 10 @ 7 pm
                  or stay until Tues morning.